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Fox Lane Books is delighted to be partnering with BBC's Sky at Night magazine for their programme of virtual lectures, with fascinating speakers, that will take place online and be available to view globally.

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BBC Sky at Night: Robots Roaming Alien Worlds
Speaker: Dr Ezzy Pearson
Date: Thursday 25 February 2021, 7pm GMT

Space exploration sparks the imagination, but nothing quite captures people’s attention quite like seeing one of Earth’s robotic ambassadors moving across the surface of another world.

In this talk, astronomer and author Dr Ezzy Pearson will look back at the history of these planetary roamers, from the balloons that bobbed through the clouds of Venus to the rovers which have traversing the hills of the Moon and Mars.

She will also look at the landing of NASA’s latest Mars rover, Perseverance, and consider what adventures future robotic lander missions might have at other destinations in the Solar System.

Dr Ezzy Pearson is the news editor for BBC Sky at Night Magazine and presents its monthly podcast, Radio Astronomy. With a PhD in galactic astronomy her first book Robots in Space is out now.

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