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Join Fox Lane Books for a series of events at York Library

Godkiller, with Hannah Kaner

Tuesday 21 March, 6pm
York Explore Library and Archives

Click HERE to for tickets and info


About this event

Hannah Kaner is a Northumbrian writer living in Scotland. She works as a senior digital consultant in Edinburgh, delivering digital healthcare, tools, and services for the public sector. She has a first-class degree in English from Pembroke College, Cambridge, and a Masters of Science with distinction from the University of Edinburgh. She is inspired by world mythologies, angry women, speculative fiction, and the stories we tell ourselves about being human.

Godkiller is her debut novel, the first part of a blazing epic fantasy trilogy. The novel follows Kissen, a gruff and jaded warrior who makes a living killing gods, and enjoys it. That is until she finds a god she cannot kill. Kissen reluctantly teams up with three unlikely heroes in a quest to the ruined city to each beg a favour from the last of the wild gods. But little do they know what waits for them there.

‘Godkiller will have you in its grasp from the first pages. Led by a cast of spirited characters, it leaps and bounds to the beat of its own golden heart, building to an epic clash of wills’ – Samantha Shannon, bestselling author of Priory of the Orange Tree.

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