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There have never been more billionaires in Britain, yet food banks have never been so busy. Bullingdon Club Britain is the story of how a privileged elite has emulated the infamous Oxford dining society – the Bullingdon Club – inflicting its debauchery and destruction on the nation to inflate its own power, money and ego. A slew of sleaze scandals has consumed Westminster in recent years, from the awarding of PPE deals to the tax affairs of former chancellors. Our rulers now seem more interested in self-service than public service, using their positions as a way of rigging the system in favour of a privileged few, at the expense of everyone else. This explosive account details how Britain’s ruling institutions, from Eton to Westminster, serve oligarchs and aristocrats at our expense – and how they get away with it. Told by the journalist who exposed the billions of pounds in COVID contracts handed to friends of the Conservative Party, this book will reshape how you view power in modern Britain. The foreword to this book is written by John Mitchinson, himself a former Bullingdon Club member, who gives an exclusive insight into the nature of the society and how its values are shared by our rulers today.

Bullingdon Club Britain

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