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'A contemporary Van Helsing...' Sunday Times

'King of true-life scary tales' Observer

I know what I saw...

'The ghosts of today live not in castles or stately homes, but in ordinary houses and offices, and they're witnessed by ordinary people like you and me. We just need to figure out what the hell they are - the dead returning from the "undiscovered country" of death? Or the product of that equally mysterious and ancient location, the human mind?

This book is the story of these ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary things and want to make sense of them. Each one is a brand-new case I have never shared before; modern day ghost stories that make my blood run cold as effectively as anything that Charles Dickens could rustle up. And they are all entirely true.

It's also a story of my own personal journey of discovery because I've realised something from hearing all these incredible stories that come my way. I've realised how much I want to believe. I'm asking you to join me, to keep an open mind and to prepare to have your very concept of reality challenged. Are you ready?'


DANNY ROBINS is an award-winning British writer, broadcaster and journalist. He created the hit BBC podcasts The Battersea Poltergeist, Uncanny and The Witch Farm, and the Olivier Award-nominated West End play 2:22 - A Ghost Story, which is now playing in countries around the world. He has created and written various shows for TV and radio, including the BAFTA-nominated series Young Dracula for BBC1. The TV series of Uncanny will be broadcast on BBC 2 later this year.

Into the Uncanny

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